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as Augustus (Usurper in Taurus)  AD 484 - 488

Like Zeno, against whom he revolted, Leontius was probably an Isaurian. We first hear of him 484, when Zeno sent him to put down a rebellion. The ring-leader, Illus, persuaded Leontius to change sides and declared him Augustus on in July 484 at Tarsus. The revolt met up with success initially and the great city of Antioch was shortly occupied during which time a few coins were hurriedly minted. At this point a second imperial expedition arrived, under Ioannes the Scythian. Ioannes did not have much trouble defeating the combined forces of Illus and Leontius, but the leaders managed to get away to Isauria. The imperial troops laid a siege to their mountain fortress, and it dragged for four years. Finally, in 488 a betrayal flushed them out. Leontius was captured and executed at Seleucia.

Mints: Antioch.

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