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Welcome to, an extensive free online reference of ancient coins. The goal of the site is to provide everyone sharing our interest in the ancient world with a well-structured reference of ancient coins, roman emperors biographies, thousands of original coin images, as well as sophisticated coin search and identification capabilities.

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- responsible for all numismatic and history related data, as well as coin images in the catalog.

- backend programming, database, web development, image integration, and all technical aspects of the catalog.

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All content (unless otherwise noted) is Copyright We do not normally license original content from these pages for commercial use, with the exception of "sales descriptions" as generated from within the coin pages. Still, we are always willing to contribute to the Internet community and will consider it on a personal basis. Please contact us if you need additional information.

Linking to is an established and rapidly expanding catalog of ancient coins. We welcome any links to our site. If you have a well established and relevant numismatics, or any other history related website, chances are we would link back to your website as well. Please link to our main URL, and email us with the location of our link on your site, as well as link and short description of your site you'd like to see on ours.

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