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Augusta  AD 475 - 476

Aelia Zenonis:
Wife of Basiliscus;
Sister-in-law of Leo I and Aelia Verina;
Mother of Marcus.

Aelia Zenonis was the wife of Basiliscus, brother of Aelia Verina and Leo I's brother-in-law. In 475, when Zeno was deceived and deposed, and the Senate chose Basiliscus as emperor, Aelia Zenonis became Augusta and their son Marcus was granted the rank of Ceasar and then co-Augustus. Two younger sons of hers, Leo and Zeno, became Caesars. Basiliscus quickly turned quite unpopular, however, and Zeno managed to stage a comeback. Upon his return to Constantinople in 476, Basiliscus, Aelia Zenonis, and their sons were sent to Cisicus in Cappadocia, where they were starved to death.

Mints: Constantinopolis.

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