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Leo II
Augustus (Estern Roman Empire)  AD 474

Leo (ca. AD 467 - 474):
Son of Zeno and Aelia Ariadne;
Grandson of Leo I and Aelia Verina;
Nephew of Leontia (wife of Patricius).

AD 473 - 474 - Caesar under Leo I
AD 474 - co-Augustus with Leo I
AD 474 - Sole reign and as Co-Augustus with Zeno

Paralel rulers of the Western Roman Empire:
Clycerius (AD 473 - 474)
Julius Nepos (AD 474 - 475, 480)

Leo II was the grandson of Leo I by his daughter Aelia Ariadne and the Isaurian chieftain Tarasicodissa, known also as Zeno, the future emperor. As Leo I had made the child Augustus in 473, the throne fell to him in January 474. Just a couple of week later, however, Zeno, who had secured his position in the capital, assumed co-emperorship with him. The two ruled jointly until Leo's own death later in the year.

Mints: Constantinopolis

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