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Augustus  AD 473 - 474

Flavius Glicerius (AD ? - 486).

Paralel rulers of the Estern Roman Empire:
Leo I (AD 457 - 474)
Zeno (AD 474 - 491)

Not much is known for Glycerius, not even the date on which he was proclaimed emperor, although the place is known, Ravenna, by the barbarian general and patrician Gundobald. He was not recognized by the eastern emperor Leo, but the latter died before being able to make a move west. His grandson, the young Leo II appointed his father, Zeno, Augustus, and this succession of events suddenly made Glycerius senior ruler. In the meantime he seems to have organized a successful defense of Italy against the Visigoths and negotiated a peace that sent their cousins, the Ostrogoths, off to Gaul. In the meantime 474 had arrived and Julius Nepos, the general ordered by Leo I to take care of Glycerius, finally reached Italy and landed at Ostia. Glycerius, who only wanted to be one of the three lawful emperors, immediately surrendered. Nepos deposed him and had him ordained as a bishop and sent him to his homeland, where Glycerius took the see of Salona and in that capacity spent his last days in peace.

Mints: Ravenna, Rome.

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