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Severus III
as Augustus (western Roman Empire)  AD 461 - 465

Libius Severus.

Paralel ruler of the Eastern Roman Empire:
Leo I (AD 457 - 474)

As one of the "shadow emperors" of the West, Libius Severus is pretty much a mystery. He came to the throne after several months of interregnum following the execution of Majorian by the Master of Soldiers Ricimer in August 461. He appears to have hailed from Lucania, and was put on the throne to provide a modicum of legitimacy for Ricimer, who continued to manage the affairs of the western empire. The eastern emperor Leo I never recognized Severus, and the latter's authority does not seem to have transcended Italy. One of the few memorable events during his reign is the repulsion of an attack of the king of Alani settled in Gaul, during which the king himself was killed by Ricimer. Another occurrence that attracted the attention of eastern chroniclers is the embassy he sent to Constantinople, attempting to obtain help against the depredations of the Vandals. He seems to be one of the few rulers of the West who died of natural death, probably in November 465.

Mints: Arelate, Ravenna, Rome.

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