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Augustus (Western Roman Empire)  AD 457 - 461

Flavius Julius Valerius Majorianus (AD ? - 461).

Paralel ruler of the Eastern Roman Empire:
Leo I (AD 457 - 474)

Julius Valerius Majorianus was a capable officer who served under Aetius and as the rumor had it, was dismissed at the instigation of the latter's wife, who became jealous of the young man's success. He retired, but was later recalled and became Master of Soldiers under Valentinian III. He served two more emperors and then became one of the leading candidates for the western throne in the six-months interregnum that followed the deposition and death of Avitus. In February 547 Leo I, the new Eastern emperor bestowed upon him the title of patrician and then nominated him as western emperor, acting apparently on the advice of Ricimer, the powerful German Master of Soldiers in the West. Majorian's first action was to confront and compel the powerful Gallo-Roman aristocracy to acknowledge him. This achieved, he managed to appease the Visigoth Theodoric II and repulse a Vandal incursion led by Gaiseric, inflicting heavy casualties on the invaders. His attempt to take to naval war to Geiseric's bases in Spain, however, failed with the loss of most of the imperial fleet. Majorian managed to withdraw and headed back to Italy. He had barely crossed the Alps when a mutiny broke out, most probably instigated by Ricimer, who might have decided that Majorian had outlived his utility. The emperor was forced to abdicate, and five days later the word was spread that he had died of dysentery, though he was probably murdered at Ricimer's orders. He appears to have been a capable general, an imposing presence, a skillful administrator and a concerned lawmaker along with being honest and virtuous person.

Mints: Arelate, Mediolanum, Ravenna.

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