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Augustus (Western Roman Empire)  AD 412 - 413

Brother of Jovinus.

AD 412 - 413 - co-Augustus with his brother Jovinus
Paralel ruler of the Eastern Roman Empire:
Theodosius II (AD 408 - 450)

The break-away state established in Gaul by Constantine III (407-411) wetted the appetite for independence of both the local Gallo-Roman aristocracy and the Germanic chieftains and troop commanders who took increasing interests in the province. After Constantine's death in 411, the Burgundian king Gundahar and the Alan leader Goar sponsored a continuation of the Gallic puppet state, putting on its throne, Jovinus, a Gallo-Roman noble. A year latter, in 412 Jovinus decided to proclaim Sebastianus, his brother, as his fellow-Augustus. Neither Jovinus nor Sebastianus however, enjoyed enough prestige in Gaul to command the allegiance of the Roman administration. Consequently, Ataulf, the commanding presence in Italy at the time got tired of them, contacted the Praetorian Prefect in Gaul, Dardanus, who had remained loyal to the titular emperor, Honorius, and defeated and killed Sebastianus in battle. Jovinus fled to Valentia where Ataulf pursued him, laid siege to the city and then captured and had him executed by Dardanus. From now on the Germanic kings in Gaul dealt directly with the imperial government in Ravenna, without the mediation of puppet emperors.

Mints: Arelate

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