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Constantine III
as Augustus (Usurper in Gaul and Britain)  AD 407 - 411

Flavius Claudius Constantinus (AD ? - 411),
Father of Constans II

AD 407 - 408 - Sole reign
AD 408 - with his son Constans II as Caesar
AD 408 - 411 - co-Augustus with his son Constans II
Paralel rulers of the Eastern Roman Empire:
Arcadius (AD 383 - 408)
Theodosius II (AD 408 - 450)

Of obscure origins, Constantine was a private soldier based in Britain. All we know about him is that he must have been sufficiently popular in 407 when the British legions, disappointed with the failure of Honorius to protect the island, acclaimed and then murdered no less than three would be emperors in rapid succession. Constantine was the third in the row and lasted four years. His first act was to betray the hopes of the locals, for he crossed into Gaul and quickly occupied after the troops loyal to Honorius withdrew to Italy. The border along the Rhine was strengthened and Spain subdued by his general Gerontius. Honorius saw himself compelled to agree with his taking the title Augustus, and a honorary joint consulship for 409. The same year, however, Gerontius revolted in Spain and set up a rival Augustus. Acting in the name of Honorius, Constantius III led a successful campaign against Gerontius, defeated him, and then turned on Constantine III. Besieged in Arelate, Constantine III stripped off the imperial purple and had himself ordained as a priest as the ultimate proof he had given up the imperial ambitions. His life was spared for a while, but later Honorius recalled an old grudge and had him killed.

Mints: Arelate, Lugdunum, Trier.

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