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Magnus Maximus
as Augustus (Usurper in the Western Roman Empire)  AD 383 - 388

Flavius Magnus Clemens Maximus (AD ? - 388),
Father of Flavius Victor.

AD 383 - 387 - Sole reign
AD 387 - 388 - co-Augustus with his son Flavius Victor
Paralel ruleres of the Eastern Roman Empire:
Theodosius I (AD 379 - 395)
Arcadius (AD 383 - 408)

Maximus was a usurper, elevated by Gerontius, a general of Constantine III and his military governor of Spain. The heads of the imperial administration in the province sided with Constantine III at his usurpation, but upon his arrival Gerontius got embroiled in a conflict with the leaders of the local Visigothic forces. Hearing about this in Gaul, Constantine III hastened to send a mission accompanied by a sizable military escort to arrange for peace, and unfortunately did this without consulting Gerontius. The move immediately aroused Gerontius's worse suspicions and as a preventive measure he declared the secession of Spain and sealed it with the acclamation of Maximus, who might have been a son of his. To forestall an imminent reaction by Constantine, Maximus and Gerontius then invaded Gaul, captured and killed Constantine III's son and co-emperor Constans, and pressed hard Constantine himself. However, while the usurpers fought each other the titular Augustus of the West, Honorius, put together an expeditionary force under the generalship of Constantius III and sent it off to southern Gaul. Gerontius and Maximus, knowing that they were no match to Constantius III in military force and legitimacy, fell back on Spain. Constantius finished Constantine III off and then pursued them, capturing and executing Gerontius. Maximus disappeared, and it might have been him who, several years later, loyal imperialists executed for trying to stir up a new rebellion against Honorius.

Mints: Aquileia, Arelate, Constantinopolis, Londinium, Lugdunum, Mediolanum, Rome, Treveri.

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