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as Rex Regum et Pontiacarun gentium (King of kings and of the Pontic people)  AD 335 - 337

Flavius Claudius Hanniballianus (ca. 315 - 337):
Grandson of Constantius I Chlorus and Theodora;
Brother of Delmatius;
Husband and half-cousin of Constantina (daughter of Constantine the Great and future wife of Constantius Gallus);
Nephew of Licinius I and Constantia;
Cousin of Constantius Gallus, Julian II, Licinius II and Nepotian;
Half-nephew of Constantine the Great;
Half-cousin of Crispus, Constantine II, Constantius II, Constans, and Helena the Younger (wife of Julian II).

Flavius Hannibalianus was the son of Dalmatius the censor, the brother of Dalmatius Caesar, and the nephew of Constantine the Great. His father had both Hannibalianus and his brother, the future Caesar, educated at Toulouse in Gaul, where the family lived, by the rhetor Exsuperius. Made a nobilissimus by his uncle Constantine, he married the emperor's daughter Constantia. In 337, when the emperor planned his campaign against the Persians, he named Hannibalianus Rex Regum et Ponticarum Gentium. He perhaps eventually intended to put his nephew on the throne of Persia. In any case, Hannibalianus perished in the purge of the imperial family which occurred following the death of the emperor in 337.

Mints: Constantinopolis.

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