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as Caesar under his father Constantine the Great  AD 316 - 326

Flavius Julius Crispus (ca. AD 303 - 326):
Son of Constantine the Great and Minervina;
Stepson of Fausta;
Half-brother of Constantine II, Constantius II, Constans, Constantina (wife of Hanniballianus and Constantius Gallus) and Helea the Younger (wife of Julian II);
Half-cousin of Delmatius, Hanniballianus, Constantius Gallus, Julian II, Licinius II and Nepotian;
Grandson of Constantius I Chlorus and Helena.

Crispus was the eldest son of Constantine by Minervina and became Caesar in 316. As Constantine married Fausta and had sons of her, she might have thought of Crispus as an obstacle on her own sons' path to the purple. In 326 she reported to Constantine of Crispus alleged double crime, an attempt to rape her and to replace his father on the throne. Constantine, who as the time wore on became increasingly suspicious, had Crispus suffocated in a bath in Istria. He soon regretted his tragic decision, however, and had Fausta killed as well.

Mints: Alexandria, Antioch, Aquileia, Arelate, Constantinopolis, Cyzicus, Heraclea, Londinium, Lugdunum, Nicomedia, Rome, Sirmium, Siscia, Thessalonica, Ticinum, Treveri.

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