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Augustus  AD 324

Marcus Martinianus (Sextus Marcius Martinianus).

Martius Martinianus was a long-term comrade of Licinius and commander of his personal bodyguard. When Licinius lost the decisive battle at Hadrianopolis on July 3, 324, he fled to Asia Minor across the Bosphorus and appointed Martinian as his co-ruler, as had been his practice in the past. This joint rulership did not last long, for in early fall Constantine ferried his forces across the straights and inflicted one final defeat upon the two on September 18, 324. A few days later Licinius and Martinian surrendered to the victor on the agreement that their lives would be spared. Constantine honored his word for a while, but he had no intention to tolerate rivals for long. Licinius was hanged sometime in spring 325 in Thessalonica along with his son, the younger Licinius, and later that year Martinian met the same fate in Cappadocia.

Mints: Cyzicus, Nicomedia.

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