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Augustus  AD 293 - 297

Allectus, known by the Welsh as Elaeth or Wledic, began as a top-ranking general in Britain before murdering his master, Carausius, and proclaiming himself emperor. The local potentates immediately rose up in rebellion against him, and kept him busy until the Romans had the opportunity to return to Britain and re-establish their authority there. The threat from the continent made Allectus withdraw troops from the north along Hadrian's Wall to oppose any landing of Roman troops in the south. After a series of indecisive encounters between his army and British rebel-nobles, supported by Roman units led by Asclepiodotus, praetorian prefect for the just appointed Caesar Constantius I Chlorus, Allectus' forces suffered heavy casualties. The last stand was near Farnham in Surrey, where Allectus suffered a decisive defeat and was killed trying to escape during the rout of his army. The remainder of his soldiers was slaughtered in London by another detachment of the Caesar's army and British troops.

Mints: Clausentum, London

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