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Augustus  AD 269

Ulpius Cornelius Laelianus.

What is known about Ulpius Cornelius Laelianus is mostly from his coins. His date of birth and his origin are unknown, but it appears that he had a strong Spanish connection. He was a usurper against Postumus, another usurper himself, and might have been a senior officer under Postumus. The sources do not indicate the exact time of Laelianus' rule, but most likely he rebelled against Postumus in February or March of 269 A.D. Judging from the number of coins which were issued in his name, Laelianus' rebellion can be estimated to have lasted for two to three months at the most before he was murdered by his own soldiers. The siege of Mainz was also fatal for Postumus; it is said he was slain when he refused to allow his troops to plunder the city following its capture. It is during Laelianus reign that the cuirassed bust, a feature used to differentiate the products of the later Gallic mints, is introduced.

Mints: Moguntiacum

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