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as co-Emperor wit Macrianus  AD 260 - 261

Titus Fulvius Junius Quietus:
Son of Macrianus Senior;
Brother of Macrianus Junior.

Quietus was the son of Macrianus, the imperial quartermaster-general in the east at the time of Valerian. After the capture of Valerian Rome's eastern provinces were at the mercy of the Persians, and it was Macrianus who organized the resistance to their advance with whatever troops were left and managed to repulse them back to the Euphrates. This encouraged Macrianus to seek the imperial dignity. Too old to claim it for himself, however, he had his sons Macrianus the Younger and Quietus acclaimed joint emperors. Syria, Egypt, and Asia Minor acknowledged them. Macrianus then decided on a march to Rome and took the younger Macrianus with himself, leaving Quietus in Syria. They crossed into the Balkans, but were defeated and killed by Domitianus, a lower general under Gallienus's cavalry commander Aureolus. Upon their demise Odenathus, the powerful prince of Palmyra in Syria, allied himself with Gallienus and attacked Quietus. Besieged by Odenathus in Emesa, Quietus was put to death by the local citizens who wanted to avoid bloodshed and the destruction of their city.

Mints: Antioch.

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