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as co-Emperor with Quietus  AD 260 - 261

Titus Fulvius Junius Macrianus (Macrianus Junior):
Son of Macrianus Senior;
Brother of Quietus.

Macrianus, also known as Macrianus Junior, was the son of Macrianus Senior and had a brother, Quietus. The Macriani staged a revolt after Valerianus was defeated by the Persians in 260.Valerianus' son Gallienus became sole emperor, but he was in the west. The praetorian prefect Ballista proposed Macrianus Senior as the new ruler, but Macrianus refused because of his old age and offered his two sons instead. As Macrianus Senior had control over the treasure, the usurpers were able to mint coins. After Ballista defeated the Persians the Macriani's claim for power got some legitimacy. Their rule won recognition in the east of the Empire and in Egypt. Seizing the moment, the Macriani then marched westwards, while Quietus and Ballista stayed in the east. However, in the autumn of 261, the Macriani were defeated in Illyricum and then killed by their soldiers. Quietus soon lost control of the east and together with Ballista retreated to Emesa, where he was killed by the inhabitants of the city.

Mints: Antioch.

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