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Usurper in Pannonia  AD 260

Cornelius Publius Caius Regaliannus:
Husbamd of Dryantilla.

Regalianus was the governor of Upper Pannonia under Valerian and Gallienus. After the capture of Valerian in 260 by the Persians, the Danubian troops decided to invest Ingenius, the governor of Pannonia proper, with the purple. Ingenius accepted, but was soon attacked and defeated by Gallienus and his general Aureolus who then left the area to deal with other trouble. The troops saw this as a new chance and next acclaimed Regalianus. Regalianus hastened to issue coins at Carnuntum, but in a few weeks Gallienus returned and put an end to his adventure as well.

Mints: Carnuntum.

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