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Valerian II
as Caesar  AD 256 - 258

Publius Licinius Cornelius Valerianus:
Son of Gallienus and Salonina;
Brother of Saloninus.

AD 256 - 258 Caesar under Valerian I and Gallienus

Valerian was the son of Gallienus and named so in honor of his grandfather Valerian I. After his father became Augustus in 253, Valerian I, in order to safeguard the dynasty, made the boy Caesar in 256. While Valerian and Gallienus were on campaign, the boy was entrusted Ingenuus, a commander under Gallienus. Two years later, however, the boy died under mysterious circumstances. Since not too long after Ingenuus rebelled rumor had it that he had been murdered by his tutor, but the evidence is lacking.

Mints: Antioch, Lugdunum, Rome.

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