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Augusta  AD 254 - 268

Julia Cornelia Salonina Crysogone:
Wife of Gallienus;
Mother of Valerian II and Saloninus.

Cornelia Salonina, known also as Chrysogone, 'begotten of gold,' was the wife of the Emperor Gallienus (253-268). She was murdered with him at the siege of Mediolanum while Gallienus attempted to suppress the revolt of Aureolus. Like Gallienus, she had a taste for philosophy, especially for Plotinus, and together with her husband proposed the creation of a city of philosophers near Rome. Salonina's sons of Gallienus, Valerian II and Saloninus, were appointed by their grandfarther Valerian I co-emperors of Gallienus while he ruled, but died before their parents.

Mints: Asia, locality uncertain, Lugdunum, Mediolanum, Rome.

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