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Augustus  AD 253

Marcus Aemilius Aemilianus (ca. AD 207 - 253):
Husband of Cornelia Supera.

Aemilian (Marcus Aemilius Aemilianus) was born in Mauritania and became governor of Lower Moesia in 252. A crushing victory over the Goths in 253 convinced his troops to proclaim him emperor in July or August 253 in place of Trebonianus Gallus, whose hold on power had weakened after a series of setbacks. The Senate, which shortly beforehand had declared him enemy of the state, quickly backed off as Aemilian's troops descended on Italy and Gallus, the titular emperor, was murdered by his army. Despite the short reign, coins in Aemilian's name and some issues with his wife Cornelia Supera as well were minted as far as Egypt. Meanwhile Valerian, one of the generals whom Gallus had called from the Rhine, refused to accept the new emperor. With the support of his soldiers he declared himself emperor and headed to Rome. Aemilian went up with his army to confront him, but did not reach far, for it soon became clear that his opponent commanded superior forces. Cognizant of the situation, his soldiers killed him to avoid the hopeless and bloody resistance, most probably near Spoleto or Narni in Umbria.

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