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Trebonianus Gallus
Augustus  AD 251 - 253

Gaius Vibius Afinius Trebonianus Gallus:
Father of Volusian;
Adoptive father of Hostilian.

AD 251 - Augustus with Hostilian
AS 251 - 253 - Augustus with Volusian

On the death of Decius and his son in June 251 the defeated army chose Gauis Vibius Trebonianus Gallus as emperor. He was a senator, had served as a consul, and played a leading role in Decius's wars. Upon his acclamation he adopted Decius's younger son, Hostilianus, as a joint emperor, and his own son Volusianus was give the rank of Caesar, soon to become Augustus for Hostilianus died of the plague. Eager to consolidate his grip on power, Gallus made peace with the Goths, allowing them to keep the booty and the Roman prisoners they have taken and set off for Rome. Once there, he won the citizens on his side by paying for proper burial for even the poorest victims of the plague. On the frontiers, however, things went from bad to worse. The Goths broke the peace and ravaged the Balkans. The local commander in the field, Aemiliaus Aemilianus defeated them, but then his troops acclaimed him as emperor. In the east the Persians attacked Syria, overrun the province, and took Antioch in 253. Gallus and his son prepared to meet Aemilianus's army but had barely reached Terni, 50 miles north of Rome, when their own soldiers murdered them in August 253, just over two years after Gallus took power.

Mints: Antioch, Mediolanum, Rome.

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