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Usurper in Uper Moesia  AD 248 (circa)

Tiberius Claudius Marinus Pacatianus.

In the early summer of 248 news reached Rome that the legions on the Danube, at the time primary players in the dangerous game of kingmaking, had acclaimed one of their officers, a certain Pacatianus as emperor and renounced their authority to the titular emperor, Philip I. The same news had obviously reached the Goths and Carpi to the north of the river, for they immediately launched an invasion into Lower Moesia. As Pacatian's revolt coincided with another rising, that in northern Syria, Philip broke down and offered to the Senate to step down. In response to his declaration the city prefect Decius advised patience for, he argued, Pacatian was unqualified for the imperial office and his soldiers will soon get rid of him. This is precisely what happened shortly afterwards, and the only trace of Pacatianus that remains today are his quite rare coins celebrating the "thousand and first year of the eternal Rome."

Mints: Viminacium.

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