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Philip II
as Caesar under Philip I "the Arab"  AD 244- 247
as Augustus with Philip I "the Arab"  AD 247 - 249

Marcus Julius Severus Philippus (ca. AD 237 - 249): Son of Philip I and Otacilia Severa.

AD 244 - 247 - Caesar under his father Philip I "the Arab"
AD 247 - 249 - Augustus with his father Philip I "the Arab"

Philip II, or Philip the Younger was proclaimed Caesar by his father Philip the Arab in 244 and raised to the position of Augustus and co-ruler with equal rights in the manner of Balbinus and Papienus during his father's triumph and the celebrations of the Second Games on occasion of Rome's millennium in 247. He was a boy of ten in 249, when his father took him with himself on the campaign against the pretender Decuis. He might have perished in the battle at Verona alongside his father or, as it is more likely, was taken back to the camp by his own Praetorian guards and murdered to avoid a senseless confrontation with the victorious Decius.

Mints: Antioch, Rome.

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