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Co-emperor with Pupienus  AD 238

Decimus Caelius Calvinus Balbinus (ca AD 178 - 238).

Decimus Caelius Calvinus Balbinus ruled jointly with Pupienus for ninety-nine days in 238. Theirs was the first case of two emperors neither one of whom enjoyed precedence over the other-a condition that naturally bred suspicions and ill-will. Pupienus was less popular in Rome, but both were quite disliked by the praetorian guards, especially because of rumors that they were to be superseded by Pupienus's German body guards. When a fighting broke off between the praetorians and a small force of gladiators put together by some senators, the violence escalated into an all-out assault of the praetorians on the Emperors, whom they regarded as Senatorial puppets. Unable to summon the Germans to help because Balbinus feared they would kill him and install Pupienus as sole Emperor, the hapless emperors were captured by the raging praetorians, dragged through the streets to the praetorian camp murdered with their bodies left lying naked in the street.

Mints: Rome

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