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Gordian II
as Co-emperor with Gordian I  AD 238

Marcus Antoninus Gordianus:
Son of Gordian I and Orestilla;
Uncle of Gordian III.

Marcus Antonius Gordianus Sempronianus Romanus was in his late forties when his father accepted the offer of the African nobles and then appointed him co-emperor in March 238. When Capellianus advanced on Carthage, Gordian II was sent to confront him. Capellianus led seasoned professional soldiers; Gordian had to rely on a huge but hastily mobilized civic militia which the historian Herodian characterizes as an undisciplined mob lacking military training and proper arms and equipment. The Carthagians were routed and fled. On 12 April 238 Gordian II disappeared in the melee and his body was never discovered. His father Gordian I, hung himself hearing of his son's death. Gordian I and Gordian II have been emperors for less than a month.

Mints: Rome.

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