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Maximinus I "Thrax"
as Augustus  AD 235 - 238

Gaius Julius Verus Maximinus (AD c. 173 - 24 June 238).
Husband of Paulina;
Father of Maximus.

Gaius Julius Verus Maximinus was, despite his glorious Roman names, the son of barbarians, a Gothic father and an Alan mother. A man of impressive strength and height, he was the first of such a birth to assume the purple, and the first to get there rising through the army ranks. He happened to be in the right place in the right time, when the Pannonian recruits on the Rhine murdered Severus Alexander and Julia Mamaea and proclaimed Maximinus emperor. The Senate obligingly confirmed him, but two internal rebellions erupted almost immediately and Maximinus had to stamp them out. His next task was to pacify the Alamanni, which he did with displays of personal courage and valor on a campaign deep into the forests and swamps of Germania. His plans to follow up with strengthening the limes on the Rhine were foiled though, by a barbarian incursion on the middle Danube, and Maximinus had to spend the 236 and 237 waging campaigns from Sirmium. Then, in the spring of 238 news reached him of the revolt of Gordian, the governor of Africa, and his son of the same name. Upon hearing that the Senate had endorsed the rebellion, Maximinus decided on an invasion of Italy. His instinct proved correct, for even though the Gordian I were defeated and lost their lives shortly after rebelling, the Senate defied him again by appointing two non-entities, Balbinus and Pupiensis. Maximinus duly marched on Rome, but failed to secure provisions for his troops and encountered unexpected severe resistance at Aquileia. Dissatisfaction and resentment grew, and on May 10, 238, the soldiers of a legion who had a special grudge against Maximinus surprised the emperor and his son as they were taking their rest and murdered them. Their heads were sent to the Senate, whose members rejoiced at the end of the barbarian.

Mints: Rome

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