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Augusta  AD 225 - 227

Gneaea Seia Herennia Sallustia Barbia Orbiana
Wife of Severus Alexander.

Gneaea Seia Herennia Sallustia Barbia Orbiana was the wife of Severus Alexander, one of the three spouses he married. She was from a distinguished family, the daughter of Senator Seius Sallustius Varius Marcinus. She was married to Severus Alexander around 225 when he was about 16. She must have initially met with the favor of Severus Alexander's mother Mamaea but this didn't last long. Orbiana had too much influence with Severus Alexander and this led to direct confrontation with Mamaea. Whether real or not, a plot was found to be led by Orbiana's father to turn the praetorian guards against Severus Alexander and put himself in power, which helped Julia Mamaea convince Alexander to dissolved dissolve the marraige in 227. Shortly later, Sallustius was executed and Orbiana was banished to North Africa where she died.

Mints: Rome

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