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Julia Mamaea
Augusta  AD 222 - 235

Julia Avita Mamaea.
Mother of Severus Alexander;
Daughter of Julia Maesa;
Sister of Julia Soaemias;
Niece of Julia Doman and Septimius Severus;
Aunt of Elagabalus;
Cousian of Caracalla and Geta.

Julia Mamaea had a happier, more successful, and lengthier life as imperial mother than her sister Julia Soaemias. She married Gessius Marcianus and in 208 bore him a son, Bassianus, later known as Alexander Severus. Her son was made Caesar in early 222 and soon thereafter became emperor, following the murder of his cousin and aunt. He was fourteen years old and much subject to the control of his grandmother and mother, who effectively governed the empire. Mamaea remained the dominant figure until her death. Her position in the government was confirmed by the title consors imperii. She accompanied Alexander on a campaign against the Persians in 230/31, and in 235, she was again with him in Germany, at Mainz, when they were assassinated by the troops.

Mints: Antioch, Rome.

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