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Aquilia Severa
Augusta  AD 221 - 222
Augusta  AD 220 - 221

Vestal Virgin, Second and fourth Wife of Elagabalus.

Julia Aquilia Aquilia was Elagabalus's second wife, having married her in the summer of 220. The marriage was a scandal since Elagabalus's mentors extracted her from the ranks of the Vestal Virgins in a desperate bid to change the young man's sexual preferences. The marriage did not last long for Elagabalus soon divorced her to marry Annia Faustina. He had a change of mind some months later though, divorced Annia, and remarried Aquilia. The two were still married when he was murdered a couple of years later. Coins in her name and portrait have been issued but are quite rare.

Mints: Rome

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