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Julia Maesa
Augusta  AD 218 - 245

Julia Maesa.
Sister of Julia Domna;
Sister-in-low of Septimius Severus;
Mother of Julia Soaemias and Mamaea;
Gradmother of Elagabalus and Severus Alexander;
Aunt of Caracalla and Geta.

Julia Maesa was the older sister of Julia Domna. She married Julius Avitus and bore him two daughters, but spent many years in Rome with her sister, evidently never being far from the palace until compelled to leave Rome after the death of Caracalla. Thereafter she withdrew to Emesa, her birthplace, where she plotted to supplant the emperor with her elder grandchild. Using her wealth, she persuaded the soldiers stationed in the city to swear allegiance to the youth, Elagabalus. As a consequence, she received the title of Augusta avia Augusti in early 218 and acted pretty much as his regent. She attempted to restrain Elagabalus from bis bizarre actions and behavior but, realizing that this was an impossible task later transferred her support to her other grandson, Alexander Severus. She died not long after hisaccession, perhaps as early as 223 and was deified after her death.

Mints: Rome

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