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Augusta  AD 105 - 122

Pompeia Plotina.
Wife of Trajan;
Aunt of Matidia.

Pompeia Plotina hailed from Nimes and became wife of Trajan. She must have received a good education for her intellectual and philosophical interests were well-known. Trajan greatly respected her and in 100 offered to make her Augusta. Out of modesty, she refused, but he insisted, and in 105 she acquished. Their otherwise happy marriage was marred by lack of children, but Plotina was instrumental of Trajan's choice of Hadrian as a heir to the purple, for it was her who persuaded Trajan to allow Hadrian to marry Sabina, and is said to have forged the document with which, two days before his death in 117 he adopted Hadrian. She died about 122 and was deified.

Mints: Rome

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