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Julia Titi
as Augusta under Domitian  AD 81 - 90
as Augusta under Titus  AD 79 - 81

Daughter of Titus and Marcia Furnilla.
Niece of Domitian and Domitilla the Younger;
Grand daughter of Vespasian and Domitilla the Elder.

Julia Titi was the daughter of Titus and his second wife Marcia Furnilla. While still young Titus tried to convince his younger brother Domitian to marry her, but he was already married to Domitia, and refused on that account. Instead Julia Titi married a second cousin, Flavius Sabinus, a grandson of Vespasian's famous brother. But their respective marriages could not keep Domitian and Julia Titi apart, and for years they engaged in a secret affair. When Titus succeeded his father as emperor in 79, he bestowed his daughter with the title of Augusta. The love affair of Julia Titi and Domitian only came to be known publicly in about 83, when Domitian exiled his wife. Uncle and niece soon were openly living together in the palace, and Domitian executed Julia's husband in the following year. Their affair did not end until 90 or 91 when Julia died of fatal complications of an attempted abortion. Domitian, had her deified and eventually recalled his wife Domitia from exile. His devotion was proven in the end, when one of his nurses, presumably acting on a wish Domitian had expressed near the end of his life, mixed his ashes with those of Julia Titi. This aureus was struck for Julia after she had died, and consequently is a much rarer issue than her lifetime coinages.

Mints: Ephesus , Rome.

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