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Agrippina Junior
Augusta  AD 50 - 59

Julia Agrippina (called Agrippina the Younger or Agrippina Minor).
Wife (and nice) of Claudius;
Mother of Nero;
Daughter of Germanicus and Agrippina Senior;
Sister of Nero Caesar, Drusus Caesar, Caligula;
Niece of Claudius and Livia;
Step-mother of Britanicus.

Julia Agrippina the Younger, as she is known, was the fourth wife of Claudius, whom she married in 49 at the age of thirty-four, after the untimely end of his oversexed third wife, Messalina. She was the daughter of Germanicus and Agrippina the Elder, and thus niece of Claudius, and mother of Nero, a son from a previous marriage. She became Augusta after the marriage and to clear the way for the accession of Nero over Claudius's own son Britannicus most probably had a hand in his murder in 55. Rumor had it that she also dispatched Claudius himself in October 54. Upon Nero's accession at the age of seventeen she became the real power in Rome. But her influence was short-lived, for the growing Nero became increasingly unwilling to accept he meddling in his affairs and sent in a honorable exile in 55. She kept criticizing him in public however, and in 59 he arranged for her murder, in an act that horrified the contemporaries. The Senate and the praetorians did not seem to mind it, though, for she was known for her arrogance and insatiable drive for power.

Mints: Rome.

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