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Intended heir of Tiberius  13 BC - AD 23

Drusus Julius Caesar (Drusus the Younger or Drusus Junior).
Son and intended heir of Tiberius;
Second husband (and cousin) of Livilla;
Father of Livia Julia and Tiberius Gemellus and Germanicus Gemellus;
Cousin and brother-in-low of Germanicus and Claudius.

Drusus was the son of Tiberius and a talented military officer who dealt with the first theat to his father's reign, a mutiny of the Panonnian legions. He then received the Danubian high command and was groomed as heir apparent. He disliked the newly appointed Praetorian Prefect Sejanus, however, and this migh have cost him his life. The fact that Sejanus requested permission to marry his widow Livilla in 25, and Tiberius refused, might point to a plot hatched by the two to eliminate Drusus.

Mints: Rome.

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