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Marc Agrippa
Intended heir of Augustus  12 BC - AD 14

Agrippa Postumus (Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa Postumus) was born in 12 B.C and died A.D. 14.
Son of Agrippa and Julia; adopted son of Augustus;
Grandson and intended heir of Augustus;
Brother of Gaius Caesar, Lucius Caesar, Julia the Jounger and Agrippina Senior.

Marcus Agrippa was Octavian Augustus's brilliant general, naval commander, and trusted friend. It was him who defeated Sextus Pompeius in 36 BC and put an end to his bid to power. It was him, again, whom Augustus dispatched to trap the fleet of the last man standing of the Second Trimvirate, Juliaus Caesar's flashy general Antony. And it was him who completed the conquest of Spain. Agrippa also oversaw Augustus's building program in Rome. Childless and of ill health, Augustus married him to his widowed daughter, Julia. As the Senate showed unwillingness to accept Agrippa as the next ruler, in 17 BC Augustus adopted Agrippa's and Julia's children, Gaius and Lucius, as his own sons. Agrippa died in 12 BC, and was much grieved after by his wife and imperial friend and father-in-law.

Mints: Rome.

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