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Mythical female warriors described as antianeirai, those who fight like men, and androktones, killers of males. They were inhabitants of Pontus, Asia Minor (Turkey). In order to facilitate the drawing of the bow during a battle, they removed their right breasts thus giving rise to their name, amazoi, which means breast less. They fought from horse back using not only bows and arrows but also swords, axes and the distinctive crescent shaped shields. The Amazons aided King Priam during the Trojan War. They are descendents of the god of war Ares and the naiad Otrera. Legend tells that Ares presented the Amazon women with a symbolic girdle. This girdle was the object of the ninth labor of Heracles called “Girdle of Hippolyte.” They used men solely for procreation purposes. If they have birth to a male they would return him to his father, kill him, or keep him alive so that they would use them for procreation when the time came. The Amazons worshipped Ares and Artemis, the goddess of hunting.

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