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Forged Silver Denarius of Brutus Albinus the assassin of Julius Caesar RRC 450/1*

Category: Roman Republican Coins
CC Forgery ID: 30000007

Method: High quality struck forgery before artifitial ageing. Sometimes marked on the rim "COPY" and sold as such.

Rome, Imperatorial Period, D Junius Brutus Albinus, moneyer for Julius Caesar 48 BC Silver Denarius Btutus was one of the assassins of Julious Caesar on the Ides of March 44 BC., 3.67 g.
Obv: no legend - Helmeted head of Mars right
Rev: ALVINVS BRVTI F - Crossed Carnyces over shields, oval upper, round, lower.
Rome mint 48 BC = RRC 450/1; D. Sear I, p. 154, 426 (VF $160, XF $480)

click image to expand Image courtesy of: Galleria Antiquarica

Note: *All prices and catalog references (RIC, Cohen, etc.) are for the real issue.

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