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Forged AR denarius Roman Republic Postumius “Diana – BULL SACRIFICING” RRC 372/1*

Category: Roman Republican Coins
CC Forgery ID: 30000004

Method: High quality struck forgery before artificial ageing. Sometimes marked on the rim "COPY" and sold as such.

Roman Republic 81 BC, A. Postumius A. f. S. n. Albinus, moneyer, Silver Denarius. 3.81 g.
Obv: no legend - Draped bust of Diana, bow and quiver over shoulder, horned bull skull above her head, right.
Rev: A POST A F S N ALBIN - Togate citizen standing left, holding sprinkler over bull and altar: below all is uneven rocky ground.
Copying M. Crawford Vol. I, p. 389 , 372/1; Vol. II, Pl. XLVIII , 4 ; D. Sear I, p. 127, 296 (VF $96, XF $280)

click image to expand Image courtesy of: Galleria Antiquarica

Note: *All prices and catalog references (RIC, Cohen, etc.) are for the real issue.

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