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Forged AR Denarius Roman Republic L Rutilius "Roma / Victory" RRC 387/1*

Category: Roman Republican Coins
CC Forgery ID: 30000002

Method:Cast copy, artificial ageing and toning. The color appears more like lacquer.

Roman Republic 77 BC Silver Denarius struck by authority of L Rutilius
Obv: FLAC behind helmeted head of Roma right.
Rev: L RVTILI - Victory in biga right.
Copying M. Crawford, Vol. I, p. 403, 387/1, Vol. II, Pl. XLIX, 9; D. Sear I, p. 131, 318; RRC 387/1 (VF $128, XF $360)

click image to expand Image courtesy of: Galleria Antiquarica

Note: *All prices and catalog references (RIC, Cohen, etc.) are for the real issue.

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