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Forged AR tetradrahm of Athens HELLENISTIC PERIOD Athena-Owl*

Category: Greek Coins
CC Forgery ID: 10000001

Method: Good quality cast copy with visible caverns and artificial ageing and some toning.

Obv.: Head of Athena right wearing crested helmet, decorated with olive lives and floral ornaments.
Rev.: Owl standing right, head facing, olive branch and crescent in the left field. Legend in Greek A[Theta]E.
Similar to D. Sear. Greek coins and their values. p. 235 - 236. 26 mm, 15.28 g.

Engraver: Unknown
click image to expand Image courtesy of: Galleria Antiquarica

Note: *All prices and catalog references (RIC, Cohen, etc.) are for the real issue.

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