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as Augustus
AD 337 - 350

AE AE 2 - Centenionalis
Thessalonica mint AD 349-350

Coins Catalog ID: 3016

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Sales Description
Obverse: DN CONSTA NS P F AVG - Diademed bust right, draped and cuirassed; "A" behind head.
Reverse: FEL TEMP REPARATIO - Emperor in military dress standing left, holding Victory on a globe and a standard with chi-rho in the banner; with his right foot Victory steers the galley they are both aboard.
Mint marks: 
exergue - TSA[second series, AD 349]
left field - A
RIC, vol. VIII, p. 412, 122

Constans - Flavius Julius Constans (ca. AD 323 - 350): Son of Constantine the Great and Fausta; Brother of Constantine II, Constantius II, Constantina (wife of Hanniballianus and Constantius Gallus) and Helena the Younger (wife of Julian II); Half-brother of Crispus; Half- cousin of Delatius, Hanniballianus, Constantius Gallus, Julian II, Licinius II and Nepotian; Grandson of Constantius I Chlorus, Helena, Maximian and Eutropia; Uncle of Constantia (wife of Gratian).

Mints: Alexandria, Antioch, Aquileia, Arelate, Constantinopolis, Cyzicus, Heraclea, Lugdunum, Nicomedia, Rome, Siscia, Thessalonica, Treveri.

Biography: The middle child of Constantine's three surviving sons, Constans inherited the domains of Italy and the Roman provinces in Africa after the death of his father in 337. No sooner than this happened Constans and Constantine II began squabbling over who got what and the latter meant to settle the issue with his army. However, luck remained with Constans who easily appropriated all of Constantine II's former territories when Constantine died in battle; thus becoming the de facto ruler of the West. He held on to power for another ten years until the embattled Constantius II raised eyebrows within his own army and his top general, Magnentius, proclaimed himself the emperor. Bereft of an army, Constans had no real power and escaped as best he could. His former soldiers found him hiding in a temple, dragged him out of it and killed him.

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