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AD 270

AE Antoninianus
Rome mint: AD 270

Coins Catalog ID: 3005

click image to expand Image courtesy of: Galleria Antiquarica
Sales Description
Obverse: IMP C M AVR CL QVINTILLVS AVG - Radiate bust right, cuirassed
Reverse: SECVRIT AVG - Securitas standing left, legs crossed, leaning on a column and holding scepter.
Mint marks: 
right field - XI
RIC, vol. V i, p. 242, 33
Cohen 70

Quintillus - Marcus Aurelius Claudius Quintillus (earlier Marcus Aurelius Quintillus) (AD 229 - 270): Brother of Claudius II.

Mints: Cyzicus, Mediolanum, Rome, Siscia.

Biography: Marcus Aurelius Quintillus reigned for less than two months after the death of his brother Claudius Gothicus. When the news of Claudius's death reached the soldiers whose commander he was at Aquileia, they hailed him as emperor. The Senate enthusiastically agreed, apparently thinking that the other most powerful figure the claim the throne, the commander-in-chief on the Lower Danube, Aurelian, was much less likely to favor their interests. But Aurelian had just eliminated two major threats from the Goths and his loyal troops proclaimed him emperor at Sirmium. Hearing of Aurelian's claim, Quintillus disputed it for a few days, and then gave up and committed suicide.

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