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as Caesar under Macrinus
AD 217 - 218

Silver AR Denarius
Rome mint: AD 217

Coins Catalog ID: 2001

click image to expand Image courtesy of: Galleria Antiquarica
Sales Description
Obverse: M OPEL ANT DIADVMENIAN CAES - Bareheaded bust right, draped and cuirassed
Reverse: PRINC IVVENTVTIS - Diadumenian standing front, head right, holding standard and scepter, at right, two standards surmounted by an eagle, wreath on hand.
RIC, vol. V ii, p. 13, 102b

Diadumenian - Marcus Opellius Antoninus Diadumenianus (earlier Marcus Opellius Diadumenianus) (AD 208 - 218), Son of Macrinus. AD 217 - 218 - Caesar under Macrinus AD 218 - co-Emperor with Macrinus

Mints: Rome.

Biography: Briefly reigning as co-Augustus, in 217-128, Diadumenian was elevated by his father Marcinus. Both had ill luck with their soldiers and were murdered after a few months.

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