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Licinia Eudoxia
Augusta  AD 439 - 490

Licinia Eudoxia (ca AD 422 - 490):
Wife of Valentinian III and Petronius Maximus;
Daughter of Theodosius II and Aelia Eudocia;
Mother of Eudocia the Younger and Placidia the Younger (wife of Olybrius);
Daughter-in-law of Constantius III and Galla Placidia;
Sister-in-law of Honoria;
Granddaughter of Arcadius and Aelia Eudoxia.

Licinia Eudoxia was born in 422, the daughter of the eastern emperor Theodosius II and Aelia Eudoxia. In 424 she was betrothed to the western emperor Valentinian III, and the marriage was performed in Constantinople in 437. She bore two children, Eudocia and Placidia. She received the title Augusta in 439. After her husband's murder at Rome in 455, she was compelled to marry his successor Maximus and it later was claimed that it was she who invited the Vandal Geiseric to Rome in the same year. After the ensuing sack, she and her two daughters were carried back to Carthage. It was not until the early 460s that she and Placidia were set free, and withdrew to Constantinople, where she spent the remainder of her years. Aelia Eudocia, her second daughter, remained in Africa as the wife of Geiseric's son Huneric.

Mints: Constantinopolis, Ravenna, Rome.

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