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Constantius III
Augustus  AD 421

Flavius Constantius:
Second Husband of Galla Placidia;
Father of Valentinian III and Honoria;
Half-Brother-in-law of Honorius and Arcadius;
Father-in-law of Licinia Eudoxia;
Grandfather of Placidia the Younger (wife of Olybrius).

AD 421 - co-Augustus with Honorius
Paralel ruler of the Eastern Roman Empire:
Theodosius II (AD 408 - 450)

Constantius III began his ascent to power as Master of Soldiers under Honorius and was virtually the ruler of the West between 411 and 421. He was the leader of the campaign that brought back Gaul and Spain under the rule of Honorius after crushing Gerontius and Constantine III, and it was him again who dealt with a further rebel in Africa and beating off subsequent threats by Burgundians and Visigoths in gaul. In 417 Honorius gave him his sister, Galla Placidia, in marriage and made him, perhaps unwillingly co-emperor, or Augustus, in 421 in recognition of his services. Hoping to reunite the Empire, the eastern Augustus Theodosius II refused to recognize Constantius. The outraged Constantius began preparing a military campaign to assert his rights, but his health rapidly deteriorated and he died after only seven months in the purple.

Mints: Ravenna.

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