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Augustus (Western Roman Empire)  AD 367 - 383

Flavius Gratianus (AD 359 - 383):
Son of Valentinian I and Severa;
Husband of Constantia (daughter of Constantius II);
Nephew of Valens;
Half-brother of Valentinian II and Galla (wife of Theodosius I).

AD 367 - 375 Co-Augustus with Valentinian I
AD 375 - 383 Co-Augustus with Valentinian II

Paralel ruleres of the Eastern Roman Empire:
Valens (AD 364 - 378)
Theodosius I (AD 379 - 395)
Arcadius (AD 383 - 408)

Flavius Gratianus became Augustus in 366 at the age of eight and after the death of his father Valentinian the following year was declared the sole emperor of the West. Gratian's chief residence was Treviri, and the real government for much of his reign was in the hands of the poet Ausonius, who served as head of the judiciary and then as praetorian prefect. Another of his favorite cities was Mediolanum, the see of Ambrose, who exercised considerable influence over the emperor. It seems that Gratian was a pious Christian, and sincere enough in his faith to attempt the first steps of suppressing pagan worship in the West. As he grew up, the emperor took the leadership of the western legions on more than one occasion, although he was spared major confrontations. After a failure to succor his eastern colleague Valens in 379 and the latter's death, Gratianus appointed as eastern emperor Theodosius I. In 383 he learned that Magnus Maximus had been proclaimed Augustus in Britain and marched into Gaul to confront the usurper. His soldiers, however, dissatisfied with their pay and what they saw as excessive largesse to Alan mercenaries deserted him. Attempting to cross back into Italy Gratian was then assassinated by one of his officers who pretended to be a supporter of his.

Mints: Alexandria, Antioch, Aquileia, Arelate, Constantinopolis, Cyzicus, Heraclea, Lugdunum, Mediolanum, Nicomedia, Rome, Sirmium, Siscia, Thessalonica, Treveri.

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