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as Caesar under Constantine the Great  AD 335 - 337

Flavius Julius Delmatius (ca. AD 313 - 337):
Grandson of Constantius I Chlorus and Theodora;
Brother of Hanniballianus;
Brother-in-law and half-cousin of Constantina (wife of Hanniballianus and Constantius Gallus);
Nephew of Licinius I and Constantia;
Cousin of Constantius Gallus, Julian II, Licinius II and Nepotian;
Half-nephew of Constantin the Great;
Half-cousin of Crispus, Constantine II, Constantius II, Constans, and Helena the Younger (wife of Julian II),

Delmatius was a nephew of Constantine's and got promoted to the position of a Caesar in 335. He was murdered, along with several other family members, during the massacre of relations after Constantine's death in 337.

Mints: Antioch, Aquileia, Arelate, Constantinopolis, Cyzicus, Heraclea, Lugdunum, Nicomedia, Rome, Siscia, Thessalonica, Treveri.

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