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as Caesar  AD 282 - 283
as Augustus  AD 283 - 284

Marcus Aurelius Numerius Numerianus (AD 253 - 284):
Son of Carus;
Brother of Carinus;
Uncle of Nigrinianus.

AD 282 - 283 - Caesar with Carinus under Carus
AD 283 - Augustus with Carus and Carinus
AD 283 - 284 - with Carinus

Marcus Aureluis Numerianus was the son of emperor Carus and co-emperor with his brother, Carinus. His first act was to attempt to pursue the Persian war fought successfully by his father. After a feeble effort, however, he called it off and marched home. War was evidently not after his taste, even though a bronze medallion depicts him in a martial pose haranguing his troops alongside his brother. He was a literary man, a talented poet and a good orator, not a general. Upon reaching Nicomedia, accompanied by his Praetorian Prefect Arrius Aper, he began to suffer from some sort of eye disease; he was carried in a litter. The next thing we hear is that Aper put him to death, and for several days concealed the murder by answering the soldiers' inquiries that the emperor did not wish to be disturbed. Aper apparently hoped he could win their allegiance and take the throne. He was wrong. The troops, upon catching wind of the stench that arose from Numerian's litter, chose Diocletian instead.

Mints: Antioch, Cyzicus, Lugdunum, Rome, Siscia, Ticinum, Tripolis.

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