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Augustus  AD 276

Marcus Annius Florianus:
Half-brother of Tacitus.

Florian, who ruled for three months in 276, was a half-brother of the titular emperor Tacitus. Sent to confront the Goths in the east, he mounted a successful campaign when in April 276 news reached him that Tacitus had died. He immediately proclaimed himself Augustus without waiting the assent of the troops or the ratification of the Senate. Most of the Empire accepted him, except Syria and Egypt, where Probus refused to recognize him. Florian marched east in the searing heat of the Anatolian summer and confronted Probus at Tarsus. Probus prudently evaded battle and let the season work its way on Florian's troops, mostly northern European soldiers unaccustomed to such temperatures. It did not take them long to decide that a good way to get back to a cooler place was to get rid of Florian; this they duly did in June 276 and came over to his rival who took them back to Rome.

Mints: Cyzicus, Lugdunum, Rome, Serdica, Siscia, Ticinum.

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